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Professional online self-study platform for English teachers worldwide

Operating as part of platinum Cambridge Assessment English test-centre — Grade Education Centre

Online Courses and Credentials

Effective learning at your own pace wherever you are

  • Self-study

  • Easy time management

  • Valuable certificates

Each course is divided into short Units which allows you to get into a rhythm. You can easily decide on how many hours you'd like to spend learning and plan your time wisely.

You can study from the comfort of your home or at any other place which you find convenient — the platform can be used on any device.

We care a lot to provide the best learning experience for you. We really want you to gain new knowledge and use it in your classrooms.


Up to 8 hours

Upgrade your teaching skills and knowledge in different areas of ELT. Course Certificate Is issued after completing the Final Test.


40–60 hours

A package of several courses on specific topics or related to a specific subject. Credential is issued when you finish all Courses included.

CV-boosting Certificates

The certificates from Grade University are highly valued by employers, as they prove your professional skills in the ELT field.

Each certificate has a unique QR-code allowing your employer to verify the validity of the certificate.

In order to receive a certificate, you will need to take the Final test at the end of a course to prove that you've completed the course successfully.

What does learning on our platform entail?

  • All our courses consist of short units that can be completed in 1–2 hours which gives you freedom and flexibility to study and makes it easy to plan your time
  • You can use any device — PC, Tablet or Mobile. All you need is the Internet connection
  • Units include text / video / audio / task inputs, tutorials, interactive practice tasks, reflection tasks, tasks on further reading / resources to use

Choose the course which best suits your needs

We are sure you will find your learning journey interesting and useful — no matter if you are a newbie teacher or a CELTA/DELTA holder and experienced specialist.

Free Demo

Not sure about the Course? Try a free Demo Unit

Familiarise yourself with the structure of the course and make yourself used to the features of the platform.

Demo version of the course is not linked to the bank card.

Knowledge bank

Return to the highlights of the course at any convenient time

Knowledge bank is a special feature on the platform, which contains the key information from the course you take, selection of useful resources, templates, tools, tips and solutions to be implemented in your teaching practice.

Video Library

Watch professional development sessions by ELT experts

  • Expert talks

  • For newbies and experienced

  • Teaching all levels

Here you will find videos of Webinars, Workshops, Conferences and other educational events which we find the most handy and thought-provoking. All of these sessions have been created as a response to teachers' challenges and needs.

We explore the most important teaching topics, share our own experience and expertise, and discuss controversial issues with ELT experts.

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Popular Topics

Why should you choose Grade University?

We have created a safe online environment for teachers that will help build on their teaching knowledge and skills.

All activities, recommendations, and strategies have been tested by our course authors and tutors in their classrooms, and they can be embedded into your personal style of teaching.

  • Our digital platform allows you to learn at your own pace on desktop, mobile or tablet from any corner of the world
  • New approaches, as well as established teaching practices and methods
  • Interactive bespoke online courses with trustworthy certificates
  • Webinars and workshops from experienced Ukrainian and world-known ELT professionals

We are an online teacher training unit of Grade Education Centre — the largest educational centre in Ukraine as well as the largest authorised platinum centre of Cambridge Assessment English in Ukraine, Central Asia and Caucasus.

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Other products and services by Grade Education Centre include Grade Online — complete self-study online courses for international English language exams preparation.

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